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Creative Event Solutions Australia's staff are fully qualified electrical workers meaning, we are fully qualified to test, service and repair any electrical equipment and specialising in the Events and Theatrical equipment. Theatrical and Event Industry equipment is extremely specialised and requires a thorough understanding of how it functions and operates. Not having this understanding can lead to disastrous consequences - Including Damages and destroying equipment or passing a item which is poses a risk too your performer’s and patrons. 


By utilising a fully qualified electrical workers such as Creative Event Solutions's staff, we know and understand the results we receive from our test equipment rather then just a tick or cross on a machine. Being Electrical workers also provides you with the convenience that we can repair any dangerous or faulty equipment on the spot 80% of the time. Saving you the down time and worry or organising a repair.


Contact us for a free no obligation quotation on your testing and tagging needs for any industry but particularly the events and performance industry.


Ask as about service plans tailored to meet your particular needs and situation.





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