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Creative Event Solutions Australia uses a wide variety of suppliers to ensure the largest range of equipment possible. Whether you’re after a single roll of gaffa tape, bottle of smoke fluid, or a full venue fit out, Creative Event Solutions Australia can provide a tailored solution to meet your needs and budget. Every Electrical item sold by Creative Event Solutions Australia comes to you fully Tested and Tagged (with yearly Black Tag) and with custom labelling options to identified and mark your equipment as your own!


Creative Event Solutions Australia are fully up to date with the latest technological advances in the event industry with LED lighting fixture and controllers, as well as digital audio mixers. Not only

will the new technologies give you, the best quality, it will also cut down on your event expenses.


There are many benefits from new technologies that are often over looked when selecting new equipment and fixtures for your event requirements. LED lighting provides benefits such as;

  •  Reduces power consumption and power required if outdoors running of generators. 

  •  Reduced air-conditioner cost by up to 45% from ambient heat output from  conventional incandescent/ halogen fixtures.

  •  Greater functionality from the fixtures with the use of RGB colour mixing and beam control.

  •  Reduced service cost and longer life span (not worrying about spare lamps and start  up procedures).

Please contact us for a free, no obligation assessment and quotation of your event/ studio needs.


Free demonstrations of any of the products for sale or in our hire inventory also available. .





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