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This is one of the most important things any event organisation can do to ensure the life of their assets. We find through out the events industry, that service maintenance of fixtures and equipment is often neglected. Items are left sitting in storerooms or hanging from the grid unused, for long periods of time before an event. Malfunctioning equipment, causes unnecessary stress during the event. This can be prevented via a simple maintenance plan which Creative Event Solutions Australia can provide.


Many organisations aren’t aware that most insurance companies require your assets and technology to be maintained and tested to the manufactures specifications in their manual, or they will void your claim. We, at Creative Event  solutions believe that all theatrical and event equipment should be inspected and serviced, at least annually! This is most commonly done in conjunction with Testing and Tagging of your electrical goods.


The equipment in the events industry is very unique and therefore should be serviced and passed as functional by professionals that understand the equipment. At Creative Event Solutions Australia we are fully qualified electrical workers meaning we are fully quailed to test, service and repair any electrical equipment in your event/theatrical space.




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